Ark: Survival Ascended Fibercraft PvP


Island 1:


-XP: 1000x
-Gather: 1000x
-Tame: 1000x
-Maturing: 1000x
-Loot Quality: 4
-Fishing: 4x
-Breeding Intervals: 0.05
-Egg hatch: 1000x
-Dino Tribe limit: 400
-TribeLimit: 6
-1 Alliances
-Crop Growth: 100x
-Max Wild Dino Level: 150
-Corpse Locator: Enabled
-Unlimited Respecs
-Gamma is adjustable
-Turret Damage 1x
-Player and Dino weight 10x and 10x per Level -Flyers are allowed in Loot Caves


-Spitfire Cluster Community Mod

(Adds Dura to Armor Icons)

(Dura is Displayed on the Left Hand Viewport for Easy PvP Management)

-Super Spyglass Plus

-Custom Dino Level