Spitfire Cluster 1k Gather 8k XP PvP – Wiped 27/07 (A21)


Spitfire Cluster 1k Gather 6k XP PvP A20


Air drop frequency 24

Air drop marker True

Block durability modifier -1%

Build create (Cheat mode) False

Daytime length 20 in-game hours

24 Hour cycle 70 minutes

Drop on death Toolbelt only

Drop on quit Nothing

EAC enabled True

Enemy difficulty Feral

Enemy sense memory seconds

Enemy spawn mode Unknown

Game difficulty 5

Game mode Survival

Land claim dead zone 30

Land claim decay mode Linear

Land claim expiry time 3 days

Land claim offline durability modifier 40

Land claim online durability modifier 4

Land claim size 41

Loot abundance 999%

Loot respawn 2 days

Max spawned animals 250

Max spawned zombies 202

Player killing mode Kill Everyone (3)

Requires mod True

Show friend player on map True

Stock files False

Stock settings False


Harvest 5x

Tactical Weapons

30k Stacks

bduds Vehicles

More Skill Points Per Level – 6 Points per level

PhD Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest

Custom Perks – Prestige Skills (CPPS)

Faster Smelting and More Smelted Resources