Season 2 - Wiped 25/06

Server Status

Ragnarok Connect


-XP: 5x
-Gather: 6x
-Tame: 10x
-Maturing: 15x
-Breeding Intervals: 0.1
-Egg hatch: 7x
-Dino Tribe limit: 300
-TribeLimit: 3
-No Alliances
-Max Wild Dino Level: 150
-Corpse Locator: Enabled
-Unlimited Respecs
-Gamma is adjustable
-Turret Damage 10x Then Further adjusted with plugins
-Player and Dino weight 2x and 2x per Level
-Flyers are allowed in Loot Caves
-No Flyers in Genesis
-No Building In mission areas Genesis

Offline Raid Protection:
-Kicks in after 1 hour, or 2 hours if in recent PvP combat
-Boosted Turret Damage from 10x to 12x when ORP is active
-Boosted Structure Health when ORP is active
-Maximum of 5 days of ORP protection

New Player Protection: Protection for the first 24 hours or level 40 

PvP Cooldown:
-After entering combat or structure is destroyed 4 Minute cooldown begins
-Unable to use Suicide command or use the shop

Suicide Command:
-Can suicide when not in combat, handcuffed or knocked out


-ARK Omega
-Structures Plus (S+)
-Platform Plus
-Ultra Stacks
-Awesome Spy Glass 
-Auto Engrams
-Dino Storage V2
-Solo Farm Mod
-Upgrade Station
-Spitfire Additonal Assets
-Maga ORP
-Upgrade Station
Steam Mod Pack Click Here

-Advanced ARKShop
-Advanced Dino Colour
-Donation Store
-Vote Rewards
-Kill Feed
-Command Logger
-New Player Protection
-Turret Filler