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Ragnarok Connect


-XP: 25x
-Gather: 25x
-Tame: 25x
-Wild Dino Food Drain: 2x
-Maturing: 25x
-Breeding Intervals: 0.2
-Egg hatch: 25x
-Dino Tribe limit: 300
-Max Wild Dino Level: 300
-Corpse Locator: Enabled
-Unlimited Respecs
-Gamma is adjustable
-Crop Growth 3x
-Water Intake Pipe can be placed anywhere
-Player and Dino Weight 5x and 5x Per Level


-DinoOverhaul X
-Solo Farm Mod
-Auto Engrams
-Upgrade Station
-Dino Storage V2
-Platform Plus
-Ultra Stacks
-Awesome SpyGlass
-Spitfire WaterMark Mod

Steam Mod Pack Click Here

-Advanced ARKShop
-Advanced Dino Colour
-Donation Store
-Vote Rewards
-Command Logger