Spitfire Cluster

Spitfire Cluster is a growing community based in New Zealand running since 2019.

Featuring 5 Clusters!

Vanilla Modded PvP Cluster:
A 9 map Vanilla Modded Cluster, with QoL and balance boosted rates. Includes all paid and free DLC maps.
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Primal Eternal 1o00x PvP:
A Custom Primal Eternal 1000x gather, this is an extremely customized PvP server with over 20 mods and plugins. This wipes every 3 weeks.
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Primal Fear 25x PvP:
Primal Fear 25x PvP, with the use of plugins this server has been balanced to make the fan faviourite PvE mod into a PvP expirence.
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ARK Omega PvP:
ARK Omega PvP, an extremely new mod featuring 54 variants and 7 tiers to each of the 161 creatures in ARK.
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Dino Overhaul X:
Dino Overhaul X PvE, this is set to medium difficultly but still a very hard mod for those looking for a challenge. This is a no wipes server
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