Season 2 - Wiped 11/08

Server Status

Crystal Isles Connect


-XP: 25x
-Gather: 25x
-Tame: 25x
-Wild Dino Food Drain: 2x
-Passive Tame Interval: 0.5
-Breeding Intervals: 0.1
-Egg hatch: 25x
-Dino Mature Speed 25x
-Dino Tribe limit: 300
-Max Wild Dino Level: 300
-Crop Growth: 2x
-Corpse Locator: Enabled
-Unlimited Respecs
-Gamma is adjustable
-Turret Damage 2x
-Intake Pipe placed anywhere
-Smelting: 2x Speed
-Mortar Pestle: 2x Speed
-Food Spoil: 0.5x
-Dino Spawns: 1.5x
-Player weight and Dinos boosted to 2x Weight and 2x per level
-Max Tribe Members: 10


-Structures Plus (S+)
-Platform Plus
-Kaetokid's Stack Mod
-Super Spy Glass 
-Castles and Keeps: Remastered
-Castles and Keeps: Science Fictions