Spitfire News

Primal Fear Season 3 Begins!

25/06/2020 - Primal Fear Season 3 has begun!

Vanilla Modded PvP Server has been Launched!

11/08/2020 - New 25x Vanilla PvP Server has been launched!

Primal Fear PvP Season 3 Polls Complete! Season 2 has been Extended!

28/07/2020 - Season 3 Polls are complete, new season begins 25th August!

Primal Fear PvP Season 3 Polls are up!

22/07/2020 - Polls are now up for the season 2 extension and changes for season 3

Vanilla Modded Cluster Breeding Changes

16/07/2020 -Latest community vote is in and the breeding interval has changed from 0.4 to 0.1